I Met A Man Who Stole An Elephant

Author: Anna Russell / Labels: ,

I met a man who stole an elephant
From the local zoo
He was standing outside Woolworths,
72 handkerchiefs knotted together
To make a lead and collar

And, of course, I had to ask
What the hell he was doing

He leapt forward,
Grabbing my shoulders,
Knocking the surprise right out of me
And he yelled,

'The funniest thing said
Is always said by another
The saddest soul
Is never your own
Two lovers in perfect bliss
Is never one half you
The greatest invention,
The sweetest melody,
The most,
The least,
The graceandbeautyofanideainfusedwithlifemakingpeoplesighandgasp
Not yours.
It was Others
Of whom Stendhal spoke.
But now,
I stand here
With a stolen elephant
And you will tell people
Of the craziest thing you ever saw
And it will be me
Me! '

And with that,
He released his grip on my shoulders
As the elephant,
Calm as you like,
Shat all over his leg.

Anna Russell


Ivan Donn Carswell said...

Anna, I am flabbergasted because you dare where others fear to tread. And I like the result. This is too powerful to not notice - and i hope others do as well. Rgds, Ivan