The poem I still can't think of a good title for

Author: Anna Russell / Labels: ,

If you have any suggestions, please, let me know (I won't pay you for them or give you any credit, but you get the reward of having helped someone. Apparently, that feels nice.)

I am the laughing eyes, the tear stained face
The droll remark, the sweet embrace
Writhing naked on the floor
Oh yes, at times I am the whore
Shrieked out a child from womb to earth
Twisted pain and soulful mirth
All the rules and each exception
Sprayer of wrath in every direction
Passion shooter, thighs, ass, hands
Fleeting trysts and wedding bands
Mother, writer, drinker, cook
Shrivel your bones disdainful look
Liberating salvation, possessive traction
Your most frustrating satisfaction.

Anna Russell


Ivan Donn Carswell said...

Bless me weary fingers, I left the comment & suggested title for this poem on the blog entry immediately preceeding it - never was too good with technologica ... apologies!

A good title is "I Am..."

Rgds, Ivan