This Little Town

Author: Anna Russell / Labels: ,

The town slouched at the bottom of the hill
Looking like any other town
Which happens to do the same

The Mayor's heart was smashed
(his wife ran off with the gardener)
Mrs Grey's heart was smashed
(her daughter was killed in a car crash)
The Vicar's heart was smashed
(his beloved dog had cancer)

And so on

Meeting after meeting
Debate after debate

It was decided

There would be no more Sorrow
Admitted through the gates

First to go were the clocks
It would not do to be reminded
Of Time's ravenous maw
Next, the photographs - for
What were memories but
Time's hoggish minions

Then the grass was painted brown
To please the six people
Who despised the colour green
The Vicar disposed of his sick dog
Miss Steel dug up her prize roses
Since the Mayor could no longer stand gardens
And as Mr Silver's cat yowled
Every time he heard a B flat
The piano in the Town Hall
Had its lid glued shut.

One day a stranger came to town and
Remarked that a musical instrument forced into silence
Was the saddest thing he'd ever seen.

The townsfolk stared at him then
Using up the thirty seven words
They still permitted themselves
Asked him to leave.

Anna Russell